Public Pools


Child (0 to 5years old)
Youth (6 to 17 years old)
Adult (18 - 61 years old)
Senior (62 years old and above)

8th Street Pool Park

(located at Veteran's Park on 8th Street)
Open during the summer only, time and dates are to be announced.

Features include:
  • Children's pool on the west end
  • Diving board
  • Olympic-sized swimming pool

Swimming Lessons Offered During the Summer 

  • Parent and Child
  • Pre-School Level 1
  • Pre-School Level 2
  • Learn to Swim Level 1
  • Learn to Swim Level 2
  • Learn to Swim Level 3
  • Learn to Swim Level 4
  • Competitive Swimming
  • Adult Swimming Lessons

Locker Monthly Rentals

  • Small- $2
  • Medium- $3.50
  • Large/Long- $5
Locker fees are due on the 1st of each month. Personal property will be removed by the 7th, if fees have not been paid. The City of Douglas is not responsible for any damage or stolen items from property. Locker rooms are open to the public and are not under surveillance. Please do not store valuables in your locker. It may be wise store goggles, caps and other small items in a bag (out of sight) and towards the rear of the locker.

Private & Public Parties

Party Fees

  • Public Party starting $50
  • Private Party starting $125 (base price)
  • Call for specific details
  • No charge for tubes, noodles or non-swimmers
Price of all parties includes a $25 set-up and clean-up charge. Set-up and clean-up charge allows guest up to 1 hour before function for set up and up to 1 hour after the event for clean-up, this includes 1 staff member. Party is payable in full 5 days prior to party date in the form of 2 payments, cash or check, 1 for $25 set-up and clean-up (non-refundable) and the balance of party (depending on package chosen).

If the party is cancelled prior to 24 hours before the event all monies will be refunded. If party is cancelled with in the 24 hours prior to the event, the $25 set-up and clean-up charge will be forfeited, all other monies will be refunded.

Punch Passes

Punch passes come with a total of 25 punches that could be used within 6 months from the purchasing date. All pools access:
  • Child/Youth Punch Pass -$25
    • If you purchase 3 or more punch pass at the same time $18 each 1
  • Adult Punch Pass - $40
    • If you purchase 3 or more punch pass at the same time $33 each 1
  • Senior Punch Pass - $25
    • If you purchase 3 or more punch pass at the same time $18 each 1
  • Family or Organization Punch Pass (limit of 6 persons per punch) - $75

Racquetball Punch Passes

  • General Racquetball Punch Pass- $40
  • Senior Racquetball Punch Pass- $25
  • Family/Organizational Racquetball Punch Pass- $75

Pro-Shop Items

  1. Adult Goggles - $16.50 (plus tax)
  2. Ear Plug - $2 (plus tax)
  3. Goggle Strap - $3.50 (plus tax)
  4. Large Swim Cap - $5.50 (plus tax)
  5. Nose Plug - $3.50 (plus tax)
  6. Racquetball Ball - $1.80 (plus tax)
  7. Small Swim Cap - $10.50 (plus tax)
  8. Youth Goggles - $12.50 (plus tax)