Rent Reasonableness

Rent Comparable Studies

For every unit considered for occupancy by a Housing Choice Voucher recipient, the Inspector will perform a rent reasonableness study to determine rent reasonableness. For all annual rent adjustments on existing Housing Assistance Payment contracts a landlord must submit a written notice requesting a rent increase.

The notice must identify that the tenant is aware of a rent increase. The tenant can either sign the notice of the rent increase or the notice can be addressed to the tenant with a copy to City of Douglas PHA. The rent adjustment can be processed only after an initial term of a lease agreement has expired. An annual rent adjustment can only be processed once per year. The rent can be adjusted in any given month after the initial lease term expires. The landlord's written notice must be submitted 60 days prior to a rent increase.

Unreasonable Rent

If it is determined that the rent is unreasonable based on the fair market rent, the landlord and tenant will be notified in written form. At no time can the rent exceed rents charged by the owner to other tenants within the premises.