How do I get my vehicle back?
Only the Douglas Police Department can release your vehicle. On or after the 30th day of impound, your vehicle will generally be eligible for release to you.
To receive the release paperwork, follow these steps:
- You must pay an Administrative Fee of $150 with cash, cashier's check or money order payable to City of Douglas. Upon payment of the fee you will be given a copy of a release form that you must take to the towing company.
- At the towing company, you must pay the towing and storage fees. Payment is made directly to the towing company by cash, money order, certified check or credit card. If you arrive at the tow yard to reclaim your vehicle outside of regular business hours, you may be charged a gate fee. You must also present proof of your identity and ownership to the tow company.
- If you do not claim your vehicle within 10 days of the available release date, the towing company may file for an abandoned title to the vehicle.

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