Our community in action, bringing together, Art, Culture, and Ecology.


The City of Douglas has its social and economic revitalization policy at the forefront of the legislative agenda.

The Bi-national arts and culture initiative has a different flavor than any other arts and culture program that is embraced by cities around county. The unique identity is based on the huge bi-national character of the Douglas community, and fosters the concept of trust and friendship. Participating in more diverse arenas means that you have more opportunities to discover friends who can relate to you and your family. You meet people you never would have had the chance to meet before…or might have been uncomfortable to approach on your own. Being bi-cultural means there’s more variety and diversity available in just about every aspect of everyday life. Like new food and the sounds that go along with that. These new sounds may involve music that magnify the experience. Different clothes with more style and comfort than you’ve ever known and just flat out a huge variety of ‘gusto’ that comes at you from all angles! For me, it means no longer having to go with the flow and embracing acculturation.

Bi-national art means seeing and experiencing an opportunity for learn and connect with the local flavor and connect with our southwestern heritage. Delving into the local experience is an important connections and often times the bi-national arts and cultural events are the best way to experience all these concepts. Being bi-cultural partners means that we complete a mutual learning loop that increases global awareness in all of us This interaction allows us to experience and adopt new traditions that appeal to our core values. It may even bring about a new tradition or expand established traditions. The arts and cultural events help us celebrate our freedom, our family and our faith by exposing our mindset to fresh ideas presented in the multiple art media and cultures. The bi-national arts and culture experience helps us find unique traits of strength in our neighbors that ultimately helps strengthen bonds and create an atmosphere of sharing and caring and adds to the level of overall love in the universe.



First Jazz festival celebrating black history months.


Concert with out borders.